Guidelines for Presentators

The TAP meeting will take place on 30 March 2021 and therefore we have put together the most important guidelines and deadlines.

We would remind you to send us the following documents to Bitte Javascript aktivieren! by using BigMail service on

  • your paper (if not done yet) by March. 15th at latest.
  • Your filled-in Curriculum Vitae (CV-template to be used can be downloaded here) by March 15th at latest.
  • Your power-point presentation by March 27th at latest
    • the presentation is limited with 20 minutes followed by a discussion of 10 minutes
    • You can use your own template, there is no tap-template
    • Ratio should be 16:9
  • To ensure a trouble-free transaction of the live conference we also recommend you to send us a recorded stream of your presentation (in English) until March 25th at latest. (mp4 format is recommended)


Furthermore a quick summary of the guidelines for presentators

For our Virtual Conference, we are going to use “Webex Events” web conferencing software available for macOS, iOS devices, Android, BlackBerry and Windows platforms. Here some details:

Furthermore, I am going to schedule some more, very short events named “TRANSPORT AND AIR POLLUTION – TEST Event” just to check your hardware. Invitation for the tests, will follow shortly. Test schedule on Wednesday 24th March 2021:

  • First test at 09:00 Graz; 19:00 Sydney; 17:00 Tokyo; 03:00 New York; 08:00 London
  • Second test at 13:00 Graz; 23:00 Sydney; 21:00 Tokyo; 07:00 New York; 12:00 London
  • Third test at 17:00 Graz; 03:00 Sydney; 01:00 Tokyo; 11:00 New York; 16:00 London


If there are any technical questions, please contact Mr. Ilic (Bitte Javascript aktivieren!).

Thank you for your help in advance.