23rd International Transport and Air Pollution Conference 15-17 May 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece


Wednesday 15/5/2019

12:00 - 14:00Registration
14:00 - 14:30Conference Opening

Prof. P.Mitkas
Rector, Aristotle University Thessaloniki

14:30 - 15:30

Linking tailpipe to ambient: understanding the contribution of vehicle emissions to urban air pollution
Prof. Allen L. Robinson

15:30 - 16:30 Coffee Break & and Poster Session 1

Poster Session 1.A :
Gaseous and particulate pollutants characterization - I

Poster Session 1.B :
Marine and aviation emissions

Temporal evolution of particle emissions from a HD SI gas engine during WHTC
P. Napolitano, C. Guido, C. Beatrice, V. Fraioli and S. Alfuso
Integrated Benefit Assessment of the Port-Railway Combined Transportation Strategies for the Port of Shenzhen, China
J. Zhang, S. Bao, S. Zhang, Y. Wu and J. Hao
Real-world emissions of black carbon from light-duty gasoline vehicles in China
L. He, X. Zheng, S. Zhang, Z. Li, X. Wu and Y. Wu
Validation of particular LTO phases times in polish conditions using flight simulator
M. Kardach, P. Fuć, M. Galant and M. Maciejewska
Real-world and type approval CO2 of LD vehicles in a new context
R.F.A Cuelenaere, N.E. Ligterink, S. van Goethem, G. Kadijk, R.N van Gijlswijk and P. van Mensch
Comparison of the ecological profitability of jet aircrafts of various capacities
M. Maciejewska, P. Fuć, M. Galant and M. Kardach
PN (< and ≥ 23nm) emissions of a Euro 6b GDI vehicle under WLTC and RDE conditions
M. Leblanc, A. Albinet and S. Raux
Adaptation of the LTO cycle to the operational conditions of the most commonly used aircrafts on Polish market
M. Maciejewska, P. Fuć, M. Galant and M. Kardach
Fuel consumption and pollutant emissions analysis of a Diesel engine for interurban buses depending on ambient and operative conditions.
J.J. Ceballos, F.V. Tinaut and A.Melgar
Contributions of traffic and shipping emissions to city scale NO2 and PM2.5 exposure in Hamburg
M. O. P. Ramacher, M. Karl, A. Aulinger, J. Bieser, V. Matthias and M. Quante
Effect of high-speed driving conditions on SOA formation potential from GDI vehicle
N. Kuittinen, W. Peng, C. McCaffery, S. Zimmerman, P. Karjalainen, P. Roth, P. Simonen, J. Keskinen, T. Rönkkö, D. Cocker, R. Bahreini and G. Karavalakis
Ship emission scenario modeling
J-P. Jalkanen and L. Johansson
16:30 - 18:30

Oral Session 1.A :
Gaseous and particulate pollutants characterization - I

Oral Session 1.B:
Marine and aviation emissions

Consistent Emission Factors from PEMS and Chassis Dyno Tests for HBEFA 4.1
S. Hausberger, C. Matzer, S. Lipp, K. Weller, M. Dippold, M. Röck, M. Rexeis and G. Silberholz
Effects of present (2016) versus future (2030) Baltic Sea ship emissions
J.E. Jonson, M. Gauss J.P. Jalkanen and L. Johansson
Euro 3 and Euro 5 Diesel vehicles’ particles evolution in ageing chamber
B. Vansevenant, Y. Liu, C. Ferronato, L. Fine, P. Tassel, C. Louis and M. André
Shipping fuel consumption and emissions modelling in fourteen Queensland port areas
R. Smit and F. Khan
Real world emission factors based on roadside increment concentrations of NOx and CO2
C. Johansson, L. Burman, M. Norman and M. Elmgren
Current and future impacts of ship emissions on air quality and human health in the urban area of Gothenburg
M. O. P. Ramacher, L. Tang, V. Matthias and J. Moldanova
Cold-Start Emissions and Excess Fuel Consumption at Low Ambient Temperatures - 2019 Update
J. Laurikko
The impact of marine traffic on the present and future air quality of the port of Piraeus and surrounding urban areas
G. Tsegas, N. Moussiopoulos, L. Ntziachristos, E. Chourdakis and M. Drakoulas
Review of Legislative Requirements and Methods for the Estimation of PN/PM Emissions for Advanced Light-duty OBD Applications
D. Kontses, S. Geivanidis and Z. Samaras
Impact assessment for a potential emission control area in the Mediterranean Sea
J. Cofala, J. Borken-Kleefeld, C. Heyes, M. Holland, H. Frageli, A. Nyiri, A. Gomez-Sanabria, R. Sander and M. Amann
Real-world Vehicle Emission Measurements using PEMS in Hong Kong
T.S. Lo, K.L. Ng, A.H.L. Wong, C.K.L. Wong, C. Keramydas and G. Papadopoulos
An Improved Model for Calculation of Emissions Based on Typical Flight Records
V. Sraga, P. Ilinčić, G. Šagi, and Z. Lulić
19:30 - 22:00 Reception

Thursday 16/5/2019

9:00 - 10:00

Green and Digital Road Transport – An opportunity for European leadership in research and innovation
Dr.-Ing Stephan Neugebauer

10:00 - 10:45Coffee Break & and Poster Session 2

Poster Session 2.A :
Air quality measurement, monitoring and modelling - I

Poster Session 2.B:
Energy optimization of transportation systems

EMISSION: Environmental monitoring integrated system using an IoT network
N. Papadakis, D. Stouraitis, A. Bartzas, E. Gerasopoulos, G. Grivas, E. Athanasopoulou, I. Stavroulas, P. Syropoulou, A. Agrafiotis, I. Christakis, T. Migos, I. Stavrakas and K. Ioannidis
Dynamic Traffic Events Management at a Signalized Intersection
for the Evaluation of Smart Infrastructure Operation

M. Zoi and I. Politis
The necessity of air pollution monitoring system and diffusion of information to the public: The case of Ioannina, NW Greece
G. Markozannes, O. Α. Sindosi, E. Rizos and E. Ntzani
RUMOBIL – improving public mobility in rural areas
A. Nitschke, D. Sitányiová and F. Misso

Characterizationn of atmospheric pollution at local scales: Implementaion of a downscaling method
I. Makni, I. Coll , A. Elessa Etuman and T. Bennoussaid"
Potential Use of VECTO for the Evaluation and Optimization of Public Transport CO2 Emissions
O.Özener, M.Özkan, A.Kılıcaslan, N. Zacharof, G. Fontaras and Z. Samaras
The interaction of meteorological boundary data for modelling of PM-episodes and its impact of traffic emissions on air quality in Germany
M. Thürkow and M. Schaap
Improving Environmental and Traffic Effects of Green Navigation by Combining Traffic Control Measures and Eco-Driving
Y. Wang and A. Monzon
Air quality measurements in Stuttgart using tethered balloon
A. Samad, U. Vogt, A.Panta and D. Uprety

Evaluation of impacts of traffic to and from shopping centers and planning of collective transport: a case study
C. Trozzi and E. Piscitello
PolluRisk, an innovative platform to investigate the impact of Air Quality on Health: a comparison between Beijing and Paris cases
P. Coll, M. Zysman, M. Cazaunau, J-F. Doussin, et al.
Ultrafine particles measurement in Wallonia, Belgium
C. Luthers, R. Laruelle, G. Gérard and S. Fays
10:45 - 12:45

Oral Session 2.A :
Air quality measurement, monitoring and modelling - I

Oral Session 2.B:
Energy optimization of transportation systems

Modelling human exposure to urban air quality: Application to in Paris megacity
A. Elessa Etuman, I. Coll, I. Makni and T. Bennoussaid
Developing Eco-Driving Strategies Considering City Characteristics
A. Monzon, J.F. Coloma, M. Garcia, Y. Wang, and A. Boggio-Marzet
Analysis of long term roadside air pollution trends in European cities using ambient data from sparse monitoring networks
P.E. Lang, D.C. Carslaw and S.J. Moller
How automation and connectivity can impact traffic flow and CO2 emissions. A microsimulation study on a highway network
M. Makridis, K. Mattas, B. Ciuffo and G. Fontaras
Mobile air quality measurements using bicycle to obtain spatial distribution and high temporal resolution in and around the city center of Stuttgart
A. Samad and U. Vogt
Optimization of a bus lane with intermittent priority dynamically activated by the road traffic
A. Kampouri and I. Politis
NO2 measurements in the city centre of Wuppertal
R. Kurtenbach, J. Kleffmann, A. Klosterköther and P. Wiesen

Well-to-wheel emission factors for future cars in Germany with a focus on
fleet composition, new technologies and emissions from energy supplies

S. Seum, S. Ehrenberger and T. Pregger
NO2 Air Quality in German Cities: Trend Forecast and Scenarios
N. Toenges-Schuller, C. Schneider, R. Vogt and S. Hausberger
Has the climate benefited from EU “diesel boom”? - Assessment of CO2-eq emissions from EU’s increasing diesel car fleet
J. Leitão, E. Helmers, U. Tietge and T. Butler
Source apportionment of the oxidative potential of ambient fine Particulate Matters: A case study of Athens, Greece
S. Taghvaee, M. H. Sowlat, E. Diapouli, M. I. Manousakas, V. Vasilatou, K. Eleftheriadis and C. Sioutas

OLYMPUS: An urban emissions model focused on the individual
A. Elessa Etuman and I. Coll
12:45 - 13:45Lunch & Poster Session 3

Poster Session 3.A :
Gaseous and particulate pollutants characterization - II

Poster Session 3.B :
Road transport management and emissions estimation - I

Integrating recent developments in road transport in HBEFA 4.1
B. Notter, H.-J. Althaus, B. Cox, A. Laederach, M. Keller, S. Hausberger, M. Rexeis et al.
High-resolution mapping of traffic emissions for a megacity by using open-accessed traffic congestion index (TCI) data
Y. Wen, S. Zhang and Y. Wu
Wind tunnel study of ultrafine particles infiltrating car cabin
A. Mehel and E. Rolin
The applicability of macroscopic emissions’ estimation approach on assessing
Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems’ (C-ITS) environmental effects

S. Mamarikas, E. Mintsis, J.M. Salanova Grau and E. Mitsakis

Time-resolved emission measurements of organic gases for gasoline vehicles in China
J. Liu, X. Wu, Y. Wu and S. Zhang
Coupling mobile crowdsensing and on-road measurements to improve evaluation of real-driving emissions
L. Thibault, P. Dégeilh, L. Voise, G. Sabiron, J. Kermani, S. Rodríguez, K. Thanabalasingam and G. Corde
WLTP and NEDC CO2 emissions of new Euro 6D – Temp passenger cars in EU
A. Chatzipanagi, J. Pavlovic, D. Komnos, B. Ciuffo and G. Fontaras
Comparison of traffic emission models for urban hot-spot applications
C. Quaassdorff, R. Smit and R. Borge
Measurements of particulate matter (PM) concentrations in road tunnels taken between 2009 and 2018
B. Vidal, M. Yaghzar, J.F. Burkhart, J.P. Grand, J.F. Petit, G. Coulbaux and E. Hallemans
Road Traffic Model and Emission Assessment for the City of Ozalj
M. Pečet, M. Bunjevac, P. Ilinčić and Z. Lulić
Sub-23nm particle emission investigation including driving behaviour on Euro 6d temp GDI, PFI and Diesel vehicles on laboratory and real-driving conditions
Z. Toumasatos, D. Kolokotronis, A. Kontses, S. Doulgeris, A. Raptopoulos, L. Ntziachristos, and Z. Samaras
13:45 - 15:45

Oral Session 3.A :
Gaseous and particulate pollutants characterization - II

Oral Session 3.B :
Road transport management and emissions estimation

Effect of Road Grade on Vehicle Specific Power and Vehicle Emissions by Use of Portable Emission Measurement Systems
L. Zhang, R. Qiu and J. Lin
Microscale Vehicle emission modelling in Hong Kong
C.K.L. Wong, T.S. Lo, H.L.A. Wong, K.L. Lam, H. C. Frey, R. Smit, S. Hausberger, K. Weller and L. Ntziachristos
PEMS accuracies under harsh environmental conditions
L. Landl, T. Vuckovic and S. Hausberger
Vehicle velocity and air pollution: challenges on the speed limit reduction to 80 km/h in France
M. Long-Fournel, V. Buttignol and C. Eyssartier
Trends in Light Duty Gasoline Vehicle Emissions Based on Real-World Measurements
H.C. Frey, T.Wei, T. Khan, W.Yuan and N. Rastogi
Network performance under different departure time strategies from traffic and
emission perspective: a global sensitivity analysis

D. Lejri, G. Meynet and L. Leclercq
NOx Emissions of Heavy-Duty Vehicles with Euro VI Certified Engines
R.J Vermeulen, R.N. van Gijlswijk and S. van Goethem
Impacts of urban forms on road transport emissions and air quality
A. Elessa Etuman and I. Coll
Measuring real emissions with simplified PEMS
P. Öhlund and L. Eriksson
Mobility scenarios in the Milan city centre: a modelling assessment of air quality
V. Agresti, P. Giani, G. Pirovano, G. Lonati and N. Pepe
Exhaust gas temperature and NOₓ after-treatment performance of Euro 6 passenger cars
Z. Mera, N. Fonseca, J. Casanova and J.M. López
Scenarios for proposed updated Low Emission Zone in Denmark
- impacts to emissions and air quality in Copenhagen

S.S. Jensen, M. Winther, M. Ketzel and T. Ellermann
15:45 - 16:30Coffee Break & Poster Session 4

Poster Session 4.A :
Alternative fuels, new powertrains

Poster Session 4.B :
Road transport management and emissions estimation - II

Investigation of Particle Number (PN) emissions from gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG and hybrid-electric light duty vehicles under real-world driving conditions
A. Kontses, G. Triantafyllopoulos, L. Ntziachristos and Z. Samaras
On the density of GPS data for microscopic car emissions models
J.M. Salanova, Ν. Boufidis, P. Tzenos and G. Aifadopoulou
Potential of Natural Gas to reduce road transport emissions: Case study with a Euro 6 passenger car
A. Dimaratos, G. Triantafyllopoulos, Z. Toumasatos, A. Kontses, L. Ntziachristos and Z. Samaras
Bottom-up calculation of Slovenian vehicle traffic emissions
M. Markelj, P. Dolšak and R. Vončina
Analysis of hybrid electric vehicle behaviour in real traffic conditions
N. Fonseca, T. Larrosa, J. Casanova and J.M. López
Fuel consumption assessment on an urban arterial from GPS and on-board data: comparison of consumption models at different scales
D. Lejri, M. Makridis, L. Leclercq, G. Fontaras and B. Ciuffo

Well to Wheel Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis
of Different Powertrain Technologies

G. Mellios, Z. Samos, J. Demuynck, D. Bosteels
Implementation of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the Ile-de-France area: prospective assessment of the impact on road transport emissions, air quality and population exposure
F. Joly, J. Vigneron, C. Kimmerlin, L. Moulin, F. Dugay and C. Honoré,
Modelling urban bus fleet emissions with machine learning
boosting methods: Madrid city

A. García, N. Fonseca, J. Mira and Z. Mera
Application Development for Processing Real Driving Data on MATLAB Environment
P. Kyriakos, E.Tzirakis, V. Lavouta, G.Tsamis and F. Zannikos
16:30 - 18:30

Oral Session 4.A :
Alternative fuels, new powertrainsI

Oral Session 4.B :
Remote sensing of vehicle emissions

Real Driving Emissions of Passenger Cars – Examples of Testing and Evaluating
D. Engelmann, J. Czerwinski, Y. Zimmerli, P. Comte and P. Bonsack
Finding NOx-cheaters on the spot with Remote Sensing Devices
J. Buhigas, J. Fuente and J. Montero
Comparative investigation on particulate and gaseous emissions from a pre-Euro 6 diesel LCVs fleet fuelled with different second-generation biodiesel blends
T. Rossi, S. Casadei and M. Siviero
A Novel Method for Comparing Passenger Car Fleets and Identifying High-Chance Gross Emitting Vehicles using Kerbside Remote Sensing Data
C. E. Rushton, J. E. Tate and S. P. Shepherd
Comprehensive emission characterisation of exhaust from alternative fuelled cars
P. Aakko-Saksa, P. Koponen, J. Laurikko, N.-O. Nylund, P. Karjalainen, T. Rönkkö and H. Timonen
NOx RDE measurements with Plume Chasing - Validation, detection of high emitters and manipulated SCR systems
D. Pöhler, T. Engel, U. Roth, J. Reber, M. Horbanski, J. Lampel and U. Platt
Air Quality Impacts from Ethanol-blended Gasoline Deployment in China’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
X. Liang, Y. Wu and J. Hao
Multi-instrument enhancement of remote sensing on-road vehicle emissions measurements
R. Smit, S. Bainbridge, P. Kingston, M.K. Brown and G. Shaw
Comparison of on-road gaseous emissions of a best seller passenger car with different powertrains: diesel vs gasoline vs compressed natural gas
V.Valverde, P. and P. Bonnel
NOX emissions from Euro 5 and Euro 6 light-duty diesel vehicles as measured by remote sensing, PEMS and in legislative laboratory test cycles
M. Jerksjö, Å. Sjödin, R.A. Varella and C. Sandström-Dahl
Characterization of sub-23 nm particles and their measure for PFI/DI SI engines fuelled with gasoline, ethanol and blend
F. Catapano, S. Di Iorio and B.M. Vaglieco
Study on the durability of UK diesel and petrol passenger car emission
control systems utilising remote sensing data

N. J. Farren, D. C. Carslaw, J. Borken-Kleefeld, A. R. Vaughan and Å. Sjödin
20:00 - 00:00 Gala Dinner

Friday 17/5/2019

8:30 - 9:15

20 years of vehicle emission control in China: a review and outlook
Prof. Ye WU

9:15 - 10:00Coffee Break & and Poster Session 5

Poster Session 5.A :
Air quality measurement, monitoring and modelling II

Poster Session 5.B :
Particulate Matter

Poster Session 5.C :
Emission control technologies of primary air pollutants of road and non-road transport

Road traffic vs. waste incineration: local-scale air quality impact assessment at municipality level in Northern Italy
G. Lonati, A. Cambiaghi and S. Cernuschi
Contribution of different sources to the traffic-related PM emissions in an urban area
N. Pina, D. Dias and O. Tchepel
Primary results of OBD tests collected during PTI of vehicles in Croatia
M. Rešetar, G. Pejić, P. Ilinčić and Z. Lulić
Using Python and the RapidAir dispersion model to simplify air quality modelling
N. Masey, S. Hamilton and A. Lewin
On-road measurements of size-resolved particle number and potential secondary aerosol emission factors on European motorways
M. Dal Maso, J. Heikkilä, M. Olin, P. Simonen, A. Rostedt, E. Saukko, H. Kuuluvainen, J. Kalliokoski, O. Potila, A. Järvinen, M. Poikkimäki, T. Rönkkö and J. Keskinen
How to reduce engine exhaust related secondary organic aerosol formation potential?
P. Karjalainen, P. Simonen, H. Timonen, S. Saarikoski, P. Aakko-Saksa, M. Lauren, T. Rönkkö, and J. Keskinen
Simultaneous analysis of emission of air pollutants in Brazilian urban roads
W.F.L. Quintanilha, D.R. Cassiano, B.V. Bertoncini and J.P. Ribeiro
Advanced air cleaner system integrated into vehicles for removal of submicron and ultrafine particles
Y. Cha, E. Helin, A. Fodor and N. Hallgren
Simulation of DPF failures for vehicle type-approval of PM On-Board Diagnostics
S. Geivanidis, D. Kontses, D. Katsaounis and Z. Samaras
Health Canada’s assessment of TRAP – Exposure, health effects & population health impacts
M. Rouleau
Project Borée: controlling road-tunnel ventilation by means of a network of microsensors, in order to reduce the exposure of the local population to pollutants Background and methodology
M. Yaghzar, B. Vidal, J.F. Burkhart, D. Robin and S. Castel
10:00 - 11:45

Oral Session 5.A :
Air quality measurement, monitoring and modelling II

Oral Session 5.B:
Particulate Matter

Oral Session 5.C:
Special Session on H2020 projects

Emission compliance over the lifespan of a vehicle
N.E. Ligterink, G. Kadijk, M. Elstgeest and P. van Mensch

Vertical profiles of lung deposited surface area concentration of particulate matter measured with a drone in a street canyon
H. Kuuluvainen, M. Poikkimäki, A. Järvinen , J. Kuula, M. Irjala, Miikka Dal Maso, J. Keskinen, H. Timonen, J.V. Niemi and T. Rönkkö
Application of DC-sensors to measure ultrafine particles from combustion engines
T. Rüggeberg, M. Fierz and H. Burtscher, A. Melas, D. Deloglou, E. Papaioannou and A.G. Konstandopoulos
Air Quality Impacts of New Public Transport Provision: A Causal Analysis of the Jubilee Line Extension in London
L. Ma, D. J. Graham and M. E. J. Stettler
How much tyre wear (microplastic) is effectively contributing to PM10? Insights from automated SEM/EDX single particle analysis
J. Rausch, D. Jaramillo Vogel and B. G. Purghart
The PEMS4 Nano project: measuring engine emissions below 23 nm
C. Focsa, D. Duca, J. A. Noble, M. Vojkovic, Y. Carpentier, C. Pirim, P. Desgroux, A. Manz, R. Grzeszik, T. Tritscher, J. Spielvogel, M. Rahman, A. Boies, K. F. Lee, A. Bhave, S. Legendre, P. Kreutziger and M. Rieker
Investigating the technological impact of European transport research and innovation towards a clean and decarbonised urban landscape
A. Tsakalidis, K. Gkoumas, M. van Balen and F. Pekar
Personal Exposure to PM2.5 in the Various Microenvironments as a Traveler in the Southeast Asian Countries
S. Ozler, K.K. Johnson, M.H. Bergin and J.J. Schauer
Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines: A Second Year Report on the PaREGEn Project
S. Edwards, J. Gidney, N. Freisinger, N. Turner, A. Perez and C. van der Zweep
On-road heavy-duty trucks emission factors for black carbon and nitrogen oxides in China
H. Wang, S. Zhang and Y. Wu
Numerical study of particle dispersion emitted from train brakes in underground station
A. Durand, A. Mehel, F. Murzyn, S. Puech and F. Larrarte
GPF model-based optimization methodologies supporting RDE conformity
M. Mitsouridis, G. Koltsakis, Z. Samaras and C. Martin

Particle emissions measurements on CNG vehicle focusing on, sub-23nm
Z. Toumasatos, A. Kontses, S. Doulgeris, Z. Samaras and L. Ntziachristos
11:45 - 12:30Light lunch & Poster Session 6

Poster Session 6.A :
New sensors and techniques

Poster Session 6.B :
Planning & projections

Real world transient emissions from cars and buses: a high resolution measurement technique to identify causes and locations
M.S. Peckham, F. Leach, J. Parnell and M. Hammond
Scrapping or not scrapping: About effectivity of grants for car scrapping and electromobility
J. Horváth, J. Mačala, J. Szemesová and L. Zetochová
A Counter Flow Denuder for Engine Exhaust Conditioning:
First Laboratory Experiments

M. Bainschab, S. Martikainen, P. Karjalainen, J. Keskinen and A. Bergmann
Present situation and scenarios of greenhouse gases and pollutants reduction from road transport
K. Georgiou
Investigation of low cost sensors for particulate matter and gases for the application in measuring the ambient air quality
A. Samad, U. Vogt, B. Laquai, A. Surgaylo and G.C. Solis Castillo
Environmental aspects of the passenger cars fleet renewal in Montenegro
R.V.Vujadinovic, M. Z. Damjanovic and S.S.Simovic
PN measurements of automotive exhaust particles using charging-based techniques
A. Bergmann
Influence of various approaches to the structuring of vehicle fleet on the inventory of black carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in Russia
Yu. Trofimenko, V. Ginzburg, V. Komkov and V. Lytov

Smart Emission Measurement System (SEMS) for real-world driving emissions monitoring
N.E. Ligterink, F.J.M. van den Putte, F. Heepen, R.N. van Gijlswijk, E.G. Buskermolen, M. Elstgeest , G.Kadijk and E. Voogd
How EU providers of Forest Carbon Offsets calculate carbon emissions, resulting from Transport, and cost accounting projections for Greece
A. Zikouli and Z. Andreopoulou
12:30 - 14:15

Oral Session 6.A :
Alternative fuels, new powertrains

Oral Session 6.B :
New sensors and techniques

A Novel Technology of High-Pressure Thermochemical Recuperation for Efficiency Increase and Emissions Mitigation
L. Tartakovsky, A. Eyal, A. Thawko and H. Yadav
Development and test of a new device collecting at source airborne particles issued from rolling stocks brakes systems
P. Clement, L. Adamczak, A. Maistre, F. Ghozzi and V. Nicot
Analysis of Pollutant Emissions of three Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
S.I. Ehrenberger, F. Philipps and M. Konrad
Real-E: Robust and affordable IoT solution for market surveillance
P. Dégeilh1, J. Kermani, S. Rodríguez, L. Thibault, A. Frobert and G. Corde
Simulation-based assessment of the CO2 emissions reduction potential from the implementation of mild-hybrid architectures on passenger cars to support the development of CO2MPAS
S. Doulgeris, A. Tansini, A. Dimaratos, G. Fontaras and Z. Samaras
Development of a Low-Cost Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Network for Air Pollution Measurements
P. Breitegger, M. Knoll and A. Bergmann
Main Diesel, Petrol or electric vehicles: what choice for improving urban air quality? A simulation plate-form and case study
M. André, K. Sartelet, S. Moukthar, J.M. André and M. Redaelli
Making sense of variability in real-world vehicles emissions
C. Le Cornec, N. Molden and M. Stettler
Electric Vehicles in the Republic of Croatia – Market Development, Usage and Outlook
P. Ilinčić, G. Šagi, G. Pejić and Z. Lulić
Ultrafine particle dispersion in the wake of a squareback vehicle model
R.Rodriguez, F.Murzyn, A.Mehel and F.Larrarte
14:30 - 15:00Wrap Up and Best Posters Awards