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Piera Systems

Piera Systems goal is “To Make Air Quality Measurement as accurate, simple, inexpensive and pervasive as Temperature enabling a major improvement in the health of all humans”.  Piera has developed a family of 'Intelligent Particle Sensors (IPS)’, which utilizes a breakthrough custom processor optimized for measuring the smallest particles. Developed by Piera for use in an optical sensor, PSC-1 measures the count and size of individual particles in the air.  Unlike existing PM Sensors that are inaccurate, low in resolution, and slow, IPS has superior accuracy over a wider range (PM0.1-PM10) and reports particle size and count in real-time at low power.   IPS can be programmed to detect up to 7 unique sizes and is the first Software Defined PM Sensor enabling many applications.  For the first time, applications can be developed that take advantage of low cost, accurate real-time data about PM and its impact on Human Health.  IPS data is analyzed using Algorithms and Machine Learning/AI to identify and classify sources such as vape, cigarette smoke, etc.


IPS is the core of our Canāree family of Air Quality Monitors delivering Air Quality Monitoring as a Service.  IoT-enabled Canāree devices together with our SenseiAQ software application have a real-time dashboard including the EPA’s Air Quality Index together with additional analytics and alerts about indoor Air Quality.

When deployed in any indoor space, Canāree will help you answer the question: What’s in your Air?


Evaluation Kit Brochure

IPS Datasheet

IPS-7100 QSG

Piera Systems Overview

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