Key dates

For your convenience we listet the key dates below:

Venue: Graz, University of Technology, Inffeldgasse 25, 8010 Graz Austria

Conference date: 30. & 31. March 2021 (CHANGED!)

Deadline for abstract submission: 30.10.2020 (CHANGED!)

Abstracts already submitted for the original date keep valid for TAP in March 2021

You certainly can send an updated version and/or provide a new one.

If you want to recall an abstract you already submitted, please inform "Bitte Javascript aktivieren!"

Abstract acceptance notification: 10.12.2020 (CHANGED!)

Submission of full lengths papers: 28.02.2021 (CHANGED!)

Deadline for registration: 28.02.2021 (CHANGED!)

Early registration until: 30.01.2021 (CHANGED!)